kim eckroth, potter

Clay has been so vital to our human existence; it has been important cross-culturally. I love working with something ancestral, and a medium so seemingly unchanged throughout centuries of use. In a romantic sense, I appreciate clay as a contact to the past. 

The subject of ceramics is extensive—from clay compositions to chemical glaze formulations, to the mere history of the material. It’s this depth of information that makes me feel challenged and satiated in my craft.

In my work, I use neutral glazes to highlight the natural beauty and texture of unglazed clay. It's important for me to recognize the skeletal system to which glaze fuses— it's beautiful. Since clay comes in a variety of colors and textures, I tend to rely heavily on its natural beauty than with a created palette. This makes my work feel more honest to me. 

Ceramics is, and has always been, so integral to my story. I have so many vignettes, so many memories pertaining to clay, and working with it is wonderfully meditative-- something so necessary in the present technological age.

Today, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husky-dog, Birna. I am a firm supporter in the nonprofit Potters for Peace.

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Portrait by Kelsey Hayden


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