Honeycomb Candlesticks // Bud Vases

Covet&Ginger-18 (1).jpg
Covet&Ginger-18 (1).jpg

Honeycomb Candlesticks // Bud Vases


These candlesticks are made for entertaining and come with a honeycombed neck. These pieces have a liner glaze on the interior and are left unglazed on the exterior so when not holding a candle, they can serve as a bud vase and hold a few flowers from your garden. Sold as a set of mismatched 2. Come in either sand or white poppyseed.

All of my pieces are thrown on the pottery wheel and are not made from a mold. Please keep this in mind when ordering, as all pieces vary slightly in shape and pattern.

  • made in milwaukee, wisconsin

  • clay body: stoneware (sand), porcelain (poppyseed)

  • approximately 4-6” tall

  • photos by Faryn Jahnke

style + color:
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